Nero's Rome

By Cali Thomason
Campbell High School
Grade 11

I will do as I please with my Rome, my playground

Like a phoenix, it’ll burn to ash and be born again

And so I tell my guard, go forth and see my vision

Ignite my Rome

On this night, my Rome will know suffering

Because without pain, there can be no beauty

On this night my Rome will know love

Because with each kiss of fire, she starts anew

What a glorious sight of my Rome ablaze

I’ll break into song with my lyre at hand

Such a grand celebration on this July

I’ll sing all night long for the rebirth of my Rome

It seems not only I am celebrating my Rome tonight 

The fire dances wildly in rhythm

Along with my voice, the wind whistles in harmony 

Painted in hot red, my Rome looks alluring

The painful screams of my Rome are delightful 

Destruction all around brings such joy to my heart

Scattered debris brings my soul passion

All the chaos evoke my Rome

This is my Rome, and I’ve done what I’ve pleased

I’ve never felt such euphoria 

This wonderful night will all be worth it

For my Rome will come to flourish