My Wishes

Erin Urhahn
Oak Ridge High School
Grade 11

If I had hands, I’d play the piano. 

If I knew I’d grow up, I’d cherish my youth.

If I could do high school all over again, I wouldn’t.

Once was enough.


If I had a heart of love, I’d be less hostile.

If I knew my mother felt unseen, I’d compliment her.

If I liked vegetables, I’d only eat healthily.

If I had eyes, I’d love purple more than any other color.

If I knew I would one day perish, I’d stop complaining.

If my hair were straight,

I’d be just as unsatisfied as I am with curly hair. 

If I had legs, I’d never stop running and skipping.

If I knew my dad would listen, 

I’d tell him I miss him when he’s not home. 

If I were pretty, I wouldn’t lie with concealer.

If I had a brain, I’d take a chemistry class.

If I knew life was short, I wouldn’t hit the snooze button.

If suffering for another was love, 

I’d suffer more.

If I had an education, I’d spend days upon weeks reading.

If I knew I’d have grandchildren, 

I’d make a photobook for their little fingers to flip through.

If I cared less about others' opinions, I’d always wear a dress. 

If I had my own house, I’d bring my cat inside.

If I had a room, I’d keep it spotless. 

If I believed in a God of creation,

I’d let him create a life for me.

If I had lips, I’d paint them with sparkles.

If I knew my husband was waiting for me,

I’d stop fighting so hard to find him. 

If people asked, I’d express the emotions I felt. 

If I had ears, I’d bless them with One Direction.

If I knew money was worthless, I’d find a job I liked. 

If I had a car, I’d name him Brad. 

If I had friends, I would call them.

If I knew I was leaving the nest soon, I’d hug my family. 

If I were aware of my life,

I’d start to live again. 

If I had a pencil, I’d write down my heart and give it to the world. 

If I knew I was Erin, I’d stop looking for her.  

If, for a minute, the world's attention was at my hands, I would say: 

Love is always the answer. 

Life is trying to figure out the question;

 if it exists.