My Forest

Abbigail Naes
Campbell R-II High School
Grade 11

My forest is not full of trees.

However, there are still some.

People in my life or groups of people in my life are my trees.

I live in a world under a glass dome that is then surrounded by

the thickest and tallest of concrete walls.

Despite my walls and my dome, weeds still manage to grow.

Every so often, we go through and

we cut these weeds,

to let our trees mature.

I tend to my trees daily. They are my life.

Some of my trees include knowledge, family, love interest,

specific friends, curiosity and enthusiasm.

I may not have many trees, but they are my trees.

In my forest.

In my dome.

Behind my walls.

How many trees do you let grow,

or have the weeds grown too tall?