My Flowers

By Erin Urhahn
Oak Ridge High School
Grade 12

Pick a chamomile, because it’s going to take a while for me to get ready.

Be Patient.

Pick a daffodil, because I could open the door for myself, but I want you to. 

Have Chivalry. 

Pick a daisy, because I have a small voice, and I live a small life. 

Know Simplicity.

Pick a forget-me-not, because forgetting who I am, but you won't.

Remember me.

Pick a gardenia, because I’m fragile, not like glass, like a firework. 

Be Gentle. 

Pick a lilac, because time is going too fast, and I’ll only be young once. 

Have Confidence.

Pick a lily, because I’m far too accident-prone to wear white clothing. 

Know Innocence.

Pick a hydrangea, because sometimes there aren’t enough words for my thoughts. 

Understand me.

Pick a tulip, because answers exist for all the questions you are waiting to ask me.

Be Declarative. 

Pick a sunflower, because I made a wish on a star, and it came true; here we are. 

Have Pure Thoughts.

Pick a poppy, because if I’m going to start dreaming, I need to get some sleep.

Know Rest.

Pick an iris, because there’s a dress in my closet that collects too much dust.

Compliment me. 

Pick a ranunculus, because there’s a song that would be perfect for swing dancing. 

Be Charming.

Pick a sweet pea, because the wrinkles will be worth all the smiling. 

Have Bliss.

Pick a morning glory, because I want to meet you for the first time again. 

Invite me. 

Pick a rose, because out of all the girls in the world, I’m the one you want.

Love me. 

Pick a flower that is real. Because it’s going to die, and I’ll know what it means to live. 

To be alive. To be temporary. To be perfect. 

I’ll let it wither, knowing I had something that was worthwhile.

Like me. Like you. Like us.