It's You

By Erin Urhahn
Oak Ridge High School
Grade 12

Hey there, Erin, what’s it like: 

Trying to find friends who don’t exist.

Wandering around these gravel roads, 

having a place that feels like home. 

Wishing you were someone else,

 so they could miss you the way you miss yourself.

What’s it like: 

Thumbing through papers that say everything about your mind

and nothing about your heart. 

Buying the same white shoes,

wearing them to places that don’t know you yet. 

Waiting for a song to say the words not fit for paper. 

What’s it like: 

Being both the problem and the solution to moments you can’t change,

swimming in a lap pool for the distance, 

knowing there is no destination. 

Smearing lipstick on in the rearview mirror of your car,

looking like someone who has time to spare. 

What’s it like: 

Saving all your money and spending all your time.

Dancing in a crown, 

savoring one night as a queen.

Watching all the memories go with you when you're gone,

knowing it was worth it.  

What’s it like: 

Playing tug-a-war with your arms in both directions. 

Forgiving the people you love,

so you can forgive yourself for the things you didn’t do. 

Writing down every perfect moment, 

remembering how happy life makes you feel.

What’s it like: 

Pretending to be a human in a place full of stars. 

Being remembered and forgotten,

wondering if you even exist at all.

Breathing because it seems to be working for everyone else,

but it's not enough for you.

Of everyone in this world, 

I wish I met you in a place where I could’ve read your mind, 

I wish I saw the things you see in yourself that you try to hide. 

I wish I knew,

someone real, someone good, someone true,

someone who never existed before, 

someone like you.