If Trees Could Talk

Adeline Haupt
Saxony Lutheran High School
Grade 11

What would the trees say if they could talk?

Would they speak about their days?

Maybe about the small animals living within the trunks.

The trees could tell you of the things they’ve seen.

The animals, the people, the stories.

Maybe about a blue jay cradled on a branch,

a mother opossum carrying her young on her back,

the sleek grey fox hunting for its meal,

the scavenger birds’ piercing eyes looking for scraps,

or even the quiet deer grazing the crops.

Think of the people the trees have seen.

Imagine all the beautiful and heartwarming images they couldtell us.

Maybe children playing amongst the branches

or chasing the small creatures that crawl across the ground.

They may speak about someone taking a nap within the shade

after working all day.

What about lovers proposing on a cool evening?

The wind blowing and leaves dancing creating a perfectscene.

Think of what they could teach us.

They could teach us about the land and how to properly carefor it.

They may speak about the animals and how they live.

Maybe they could speak to us about the seasons.

We could learn so much from them.

If only trees could talk.