Evil Queen Poem

Riley Adams
Jackson High School
Grade 9

Listen well, and I’ll tell you a story,

but take note, my darklings, it’s a wee bit gory.

Innocence, Heartache, and Treachery, oh, my.

What is truth, and what is lie?

In this tale of vengeance and woe,

Foe may be friend, and friend may be foe.

Who will survive, who will fall?

Who will shatter like a porcelain doll?

Put your heart back together, my sweet.

It’s time to rise up, there are answers to seek.

Dry your tears, and march ahead.

You can rest when you are dead.


I smell the blood of a broken one.

A welcome home, the stuff of dreams.

Of course, nothing is ever as it seems.

You can rest awhile, or you can fret. 

Either way, your future is set.

The worst is done. Let’s have some fun.

For all the warnings you failed to heed,

prick your heart, and let it bleed.

Run, run, they’re on your trail.

If you get caught, you will face hell.

In battle, stay calm, be smart.

Expects losses and a broken heart. 

One battle is done, but another looms.

Who walks away, who greets their doom?

In life, there are risks you must take,

and desires you should not slake.

The worst has happened, every path a disaster.

Behold! Destruction has become your master.

Fight the good fight with everything you’ve got, 

or even your smallest efforts will be for naught.

True love’s kiss can break any curse …

or make your life ever so much worse.

Your dreams have come true.

Why are you so blue?

If warning sounds deep in your soul,

Pay it heed, or pay the toll.

Secrets are there, yours for the taking. 

Please be careful, the beast is waking.

Hurting others comes with a great cost.

Piece after piece of your heart, until you are lost.

Time is of the essence and quickly running out.

Fight, fight, fight, and ditch the overgrown lout.

The deeper you wade into trouble,

The quicker your life becomes rubble.

Kiss me once, Kiss me twice,

I will be your favorite vice.

They say pride goes before every fall.

I say take someone with you — take them all.

A lock, a lie, an illusion of capture.

The real jailer is desire, oh, the rapture.

Storms might rage in your past,

but the temptest cannot last.

With this ring, I thee wed.

With this dagger, your blood runs red.

Leave him in the dust, 

and his heart will rust.

Red wedding, stony heart …

no longer will we be apart.

Just when you get bored, 

in comes the horde.

It’s time, it’s time, the toll is due.

Pay up, pay up, and say adieu.

Tell the truth or tell a lie.

Are you ready to say goodbye?

Beware false hope and its lures.

Seek the truth and its cures.

Whether wrong or right,

You must have might.

What’s done is done.

Fight until you’ve won.

What’s theirs is yours.

Prepare for wars.

My wish, your command.

Your heart, my quicksand.

I welcome all … to my thrall.

When all is lost, do not despair.

Dare to act, dare to care.

Death has come.

Who will succumb?

The time has come to pick a side,

for you will never bridge the great divide.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

Who will perish when I call?

The taste of vengeance is foul, not sweet.

If only you hadn't believed the deceit.