Brooklynn Coughlin
Jefferson R-VII High School
Grade 10


We used to argue

every single night

while I laid in bed.

over who loved who more.

With every single

“I love you more,”

my heart sped up.

For a second

when you said,

“No, I love you more,”

I believed you.

Because my smile grew bigger

and the heavy weight on my shoulders

suddenly went away.

But, just as quickly as you,

I said,

“Nope, you don’t!”

And I bit my lip

waiting for the exact same response.

But then,

I snapped back into reality

when you were leaving

and these tears burned

and my heart slowed.

You shut the door behind you.


I said,

“I was right. I did love you more”

-       The Game I Never Wanted to Win.